How To Open YouTube in Pakistan

Hello folks! Today I am going to write an article on how to open YouTube in Pakistan. Well, there are various methods of doing this. Among those methods, I am going to provide you the best. YouTube is blocked in Pakistan. Most of the people use proxies to access YouTube but this is an old process. Using proxies is really dump method because it needs some settings to be done each and every time when we want to access the web. Here is the best method that I follow to access YouTube and all other sites that are blocked in Pakistan. I recommend you to follow this method because it is very easy than others. What you need is to have a Chrome extension. Before moving to the topic, I am going to explain some terms that are necessary to understand.


A server is also a computer that acts like the main part or the leader. It doesn’t actually lead all pc but it manages the resources for accessibility. Server computer are most powerful than that of yours. Server acts as a bridge between resource and client (Your pc). The server computers are huge computer. A server is capable of getting or accepting requests from client and then serves them resources. All the transmission processes or file sharing processes have the involvement of server.

Proxy Server:

Proxy server is the intermediary server that is used by clients to access web anonymously. This server can be accessed worldwide. These servers are basically invented for browsing web without any fear of any privacy issue.

What is better?

Using proxy server to access blocked website (YouTube in Pakistan) is also a working method but this method seems dummy. As I already mentioned that we have to switch proxy each and every time as we are going to open YouTube. So, I have brought a simple and working method. Well, so let’s begin our tutorial.

Material Required:

Actually we don’t need any physical materials. We just need a chrome extension that I have been using from last year and still using.


Zenmate is one of the popular Google Chrome extension that is capable to encrypt all traffic of your web-browser. This extension is used by over thousands of peoples. This can hide your IP address. Zenmate creates tunnel that is something like Virtual Private Network. This extension is regarded as the best privacy protector on WEB. This extension also prevents hackers from spying on your activities.

So, we are going to use Zenmate that will help us to access youtube. So, let’s download this awesome extension. Here is the download link with full tutorial.

Download: Zenmate

Step 1: Click the above link. When you click the like you will be redirected to chrome store.

Step 2: Let the webpage to load properly.

Step 3: once it is perfectly loaded, then click on add to chrome or install. Wait a few second and it will popup you a box asking whether to add this to your browser or not. So you must click yes.

Step 4: Now, it will start download chrome. The download duration will just be 2 or 3 seconds.

Step 4: As soon as the download completes, it will ask you to register or sign in. You are a new user, so you should register.

Step 5: While registering, just enter your email address and click on sign up.

Step 6: If you asked asked for password, then first open new tab and check out for a mail from Zenmate in your email inbox. If you find the mail then click on it and there you will see your password. So, just copy the password and paste it on the place where Zenmate asked your password.

Step 7: Finally you have installed Zenmate. So let’s use it for accessing the blocked site that is youtube.

Step 8: Click on the button that appears beside address bar. You will be able to select any country from the list. Just select USA (You can choose any country because all works fine)

Step 9: Now, in address bar enter and it’s all done! WOW now you can access your best video sharing website.

Final Words: So, finally our tutorial has ended. We would like to hear about your thoughts and knowledge on this article. Please comment below and let us know what modifications are required.


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