Paid To Click Website Review- Earned Over $50 – Still Disappointed!

PTC sites are really interesting for users, Right? May be no if you think for a short time on this. Now think once more and see what happens? The PTC sites pays just few cents for viewing their ads though a lot of peoples are working on this. How Strange! No? Here the most interesting point is “why do people waste their time just for earning few cents?

Whenever you see the payment done by PTC website, it looks quite pretty and you feel as happy as this.

paid to click websites review

But who knows the twist? The receivers

paid to click websites review

Have you ever worked on PTC sites for long term? If yes, then you surely have the experience about them. Everyone says PTC can be useful for long term users but working those days is tough. Even they have a daily basic schedule for you. You have to stop your other work just for a while to click some extra advertisements in thought to have more income. After clicking the ads you again move to the account statistics page to check out your total income, not quite sure but some of you might have been doing this.

PTC websites review

Some people says, hey I received 50$ from one of my PTC account. Once ask them, how long did you worked to gain this income?

No reply from them? Hmm, now you might have got the reason why this is a bad idea to work on PTC. Even I worked on one of the PTC website which was good at its own but I just earned few USD that can never make me happy, right? After some research on getting high income on PTC, I found an article claiming to have $1000 per month with a PTC. Suddenly I drove my browser to that article page and I decided to read the full article before taking any action. The article was instructing me to work for a week and when I get sufficient amount to get a referral package then move to the referral page and rent your referrals. Do this twice and again and keep on doing until you get enough referrals. I thought this will really work and finally, I decided to give it a try.

ptc sites review

Hmm, I worked in Probux for 8 days, in those days I was little free to handle and click all ads. After working 8 days, there was about $0.6 in my account. Few days before when I read that article, I was inspired by them but after looking to my income, every inspiration was lost. However, I decided to follow all the steps that the article instructed me. Then next day, I moved to the referral page and rented 3 referrals at $0.6. Now my account balance was $0.03. I was waiting for the referrals click and suddenly one of the three referrals clicked 4 ads and I was credited with $0.03. After seeing those clicks I was really impressed. That day, I clicked about 26 ads and my total account balance was $0.68. I had expected to have at least $0.1 but the two other referrals still haven’t click even one ads. I kept on waiting for the other referrals click till evening but none of them gave me even a single click. Hence, I finally came to know that all the rented referrals are not active which hurt me and my time too. Anyway, I again clicked my ads regularly expecting to have something special. On the 11th days, I found none of the referrals clicking the advertisement. This again pulled me down.

ptc sites

On the next few days, I was little busy with my work and wasn’t able to complete my task daily. After some days I again came back to my account and as I have expected my account balance was same as when I left it. I was known about the reason behind it as Probux says that if you don’t click your ads then you won’t receive your referrals click. So, I wasn’t sad. I again started to click my ads every day. Someday the referrals used to click the ads and some day they didn’t. Finally again I reached $0.6, and I again rented 3 referrals. Now, total referrals were 6 and account balance $0.02.

I kept on doing this for a long time and after three months of working I was credited about $50. I finally redeemed all my income to my PayPal and closed my Probux account. This was my full experience on PTC sites. These sites may work well for those who don’t have any job but not for me.


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